Beyond the Stacks: The Jewish Museum and the Studio Museum in Harlem

Nearly three years ago, the Library introduced its museum corporate membership program.  We began with the MoMA.  Since it is located just a few blocks from the doors of the Club, it made sense for our members to be able to visit that museum for free.  MoMA’s corporate membership program gave us two corporate cards that our members could check out from the Library staff and present at the museum for entry.  The popularity of the program led the Cub governance to add the newly re-opened Whitney Museum to its corporate membership program in 2015. As with the MoMA membership, entry cards can be checked out from Library Staff.

The popularity of the programs has remained steady for the past two years, and so this year the Club is extremely excited to add two new museums to its corporate membership program.   For at least the next year, members of the Yale Club, and one guest, can visit both The Jewish Museum and the Studio Museum in Harlem, free of charge.


The Jewish Museum

Since the mission of the Library is to “capture the essence” of the Yale educational experience, it seems important to support that education beyond the stacks in the Library and the walls of the Club, much as Yale supports education beyond the campus and classroom.  That is something the Club has been doing for years, of course, in its theater outings and cultural tours.  But the extra benefit of these museum memberships is that the Club and its members can support the kinds of institutions that make New York such a vibrant place to live, much like the Yale Club itself.

The Studio Museum in Harlem and The Jewish Museum memberships will be announced to members in our June newsletter, but the memberships are active, so Yale Club members are encourage to test them out and let us know what you think.  Members are always welcome to make reservations for the Whitney and MoMA cards with Library Staff.  Questions or comments?  Contact the Library Staff:

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