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Members may remember that, for years, Library display rested in a low glass case in the elevator lobby. The space was dark and the pieces in the case difficult to see without crouching down.   The committee and I wanted pieces that brought the artifacts up to the


The old display case.

members and allowed us more flexibility in our displays.


Buying a display case turned out to be more difficult than we’d expected. Most prefabricated products seemed to be too small or too tall or too modern for our needs. I knew that the idea of a new display case had been discussed by the committee on and off for nearly ten years before I arrived, and it quickly became clear why the project had been so long delayed.

Enter Dan Kershaw, exhibition designer. Mr. Kershaw, a friend of Art Sub-Committee Chair and Library Committee Member, Stephen K. Scher, visited the Club late last spring to evaluate the space and help us determine the most suitable cases for our display needs. Dan spent over an hour with us, discussing our needs and concerns for the space. His customized designs turned out to be exactly what we needed.

Dan’s designs all gave us plenty of display space, easy accessibility, and extra light for the formerly dark space.  We finally settled on a design that gave us the flexibility of two


Third Display option; our final design added 3″ to the overall height.

smaller cases to replace the single case – which allowed us to incorporate the reference desk into our design and will allow us to mount two separate, smaller exhibitions at the same time, if we ever choose to do so.


We worked with Gaylord Archival to have Dan’s design fabricated and the cases arrived just after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

So, the Library Elevator Lobby is now spruced up and ready for the Winter Holiday season – and for all the exciting exhibitions to come.


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