Looking for ebooks? Find them at the Yale Club Library

The Library Committee, Debbie, and I are excited to announce our newest service at the Yale Club Library: ebooks from OneClickdigital. We’ve been offering digital magazines through RBDigital’s Zinio since April 2016. The service has proven extremely popular – digital magazines circulate twice as much as books each month. The most exciting part of that service, for us, has been that many of the members who have signed up for the Zinio service are out-of-town members. That means that we’ve finally been able to serve members regularly who may only make it in to the Club once or twice a year.

RB Digital’s ebook platform, OneClickdigital offered us the opportunity to finally offer the ebooks our members ask for, within the limits of our small library budget. I’m definitely not trying to sell the product, but the flexibility of pricing on this platform, and its clean look and functionality made the transition into ebooks very easy for us (so far, at least). The Yale Club Library is too small to be everything to everyone, but we hope that with the addition of ebooks, we can continue increasing our outreach to members, so that we can make our services as relevant to as many of them as possible.

Members Create a OneClickdigtal account using your full member number as it appears on your card? Do you have suggestions for future ebook purchases? The Library will buy ebooks based on popular request each month; make a suggestion to the Library Staff today: library@yaleclubnyc.org.

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