Missing Book of the Month: Jane Eyre, found at the Morgan

I confess that the title of this post is a misdirection, of course. No book from the Yale Club Library has turned up at the Morgan Library & Museum, floating among their non-circulating collections. What is true is that the copy of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, a 2004


Our missing Jane Eyre.

Barnes & Noble paperback copy, which we supposedly have in our collection, is missing from the shelves. I checked on Monday.


I checked because like all women who at some point in their lives believed that Brontë’s Mr. Rochester would make a good romantic match, and who also happen to live in or near New York right now, my heart fluttered when I discovered that the original manuscript of Jane Eyre would be shown in the United States, for the first time ,at the Morgan Library & Museum. The Morgan happens to be just a few blocks from the Yale Club – so until January 2, 2017, when the exhibition closes, I will be within just a few blocks of the book. The eighth-grade girl in me swooned.

In honor of the exhibition, I’m replacing our tattered 1950s copies of the Brontë sisters’ novels with new ones, less likely to fall apart once they are taken off the library shelves and go out into the world – stronger and more like the heroines in them (schmaltzy; I couldn’t resist!). New copies of Charlotte’s Shirley, Villette, The Professor, and Jane Eyre, and Anne’s Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall are on their way. A newish copy of Emily’s Wuthering Heights is still safely on the shelves, as is a rather unwieldy paperback containing Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Agnes Grey in one volume. We also have a nicely rebound copy of The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Charlotte’s friend, the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell – a good alternative for those of you who have already worn through all your copies of Charlotte’s novels.

The new copies should be here, ready to be checked out, next week. So members, come on in, check one out, have lunch in the Club, and then stroll over to the Morgan where you can see the original Jane.  Enjoy. I know I will.

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