Library Tour: The Corridors and the Thornton Wilder Room


From Henry S.F. Cooper’s Tour of the Yale Club Library

To the right of the Americana Room is a short corridor running westward and lined with fiction. Mysteries are on the left. Regular (or unmysterious) fiction is on the right, continuing into one of the three rooms opening off the corridor, the Thornton Wilder Conference Room. This room has a round table in the center with several chairs.


Bird’s Eye Map of Library in 1990s.



The Long Corridor now contains Biographies on the Left and Mysteries and Large Print fiction on the right.  General Fiction (alphabetized by author) starts in the Short Corridor outside the Thornton Wilder room and continues in that space.  Fiction surrounds the  many members who make use four computers now in the Thornton Wilder Room.  This is no longer a conference room — though the lovely brass sign above the door still suggests otherwise.  A printer for member, and a take one/leave one shelf of paperbacks are also located in the corner of this room. Ironically, alphabetization by author means that all of the Thornton Wilder novels in the collection are located in the short corridor, rather than in the author’s namesake


Thornton Wilder’s Yale Class Book Photo. 1920.

room. In case you happen to be wondering why we have a Thornton Wilder Room: Thornton Wilder, author of Our Town (1938)and The Bridge of San Luis Ray (1927), was graduated with Yale’s Class of 1920.





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