Library Tour: The Clarence Day Room

Continuing our tour of the Library, we take a look at the Library’s Clarence Day Room.


From Henry S.F. Cooper’s Tour of the Yale Club Library:

This wood-paneled, square room, just west of the elevators and at the start of the long corridor, is surrounded with shelves enclosed behind locked glass doors; the Library staff has the key.  The shelves are filled with bound volumes of the Yale Daily News, bound volumes of the Yale Alumni Magazine, class books, reunion books, and other Yale memorabilia, some of it dating back to 1797. The Yale Club’s collection itself dates back at least to 1901, but the bulk of it arrived in 1950, when the University donated 2,500 items.  There is no larger collection of Yale memorabilia outside New Haven.  You will doubtless find pictures of yourself and your friends when you and they were young and hopeful and you thought libraries were only for sleeping.  You can take notes for your memoirs on a laptop computer; this is the only other place in the Library aside from the tables in the Carnegie Room, where you may bring your computer.



The Library still holds one of the largest collections of class books and Banners outside of New Haven.  The Yale Daily News has been digitized, so anyone can access that material from anywhere — we still have a nearly complete microfilm run through 2004 but most of the bound printed volumes were deaccessioned before I arrived here.

The Library Staff is happy to help members with research in the collection, and arrangements can be made to visit during staff hours. The Clarence Day Room also still welcomes the use of personal computers – but now they are welcome in the whole Library.  The Clarence Day Room also sometimes serves as the Library Conference Room, and is often rented by members for meetings of up to eight people – reservations are managed by the Banquets Department, but the Librarian is always happy to assist with requests.  When not reserved, the Clarence Day Room is an open, quiet study space and subject to the same rules as the rest of the library (no phone calls or food are allowed in the space). A new digital sign by the door keeps members updated on space reservations.

Over the summer, the room also hosts our weekly Graduate Student Study hours (most Mondays through Labor Day,  11:30 am – 3:00 pm), which we put together to help alleviate the isolation of graduate student life.  During these hours, our student members (or exam prepping members) can stretch out, study, write, chat quietly, and enjoy  the support of other student members for a few hours.

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